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Crystal Dynamics About Us

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Crystal Dynamics is an award winning, leading game studio located in the heart of San Francisco’s Bay Area. Founded in 1992, Crystal Dynamics has grown into a world class development studio by developing key franchises and becoming a center of technology development for growing publisher Eidos, Inc.Along with sister studios Io Interactive and Eidos Montreal, Crystal Dynamics is an important cornerstone studio for Eidos, Inc. With the massive success of Tomb Raider: Legend and Tomb Raider: Anniversary (over 6 million units sold worldwide), and the upcoming, highly anticipated Tomb Raider: Underworld, Crystal Dynamics is poised to lay the groundwork for the next generation of innovative and technologically stunning projects. Want to be on the frontlines of these brand new projects and work with some of the brightest and most talented people in the industry?

History of Crystal Dynamics
Since 1992, Crystal Dynamics has been creating video games for various consoles:
Title Year Released
Crash n' Burn 1993
Total Eclipse 1994
The Horde 1994
Gex 1994
Off-World Interceptor 1994
Total Eclipse Turbo 1995
Solar Eclipse 1995
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain 1996
Pandemonium 1996
Titan Wars 1996
Off-World Interceptor Extreme 1997
Pandemonium 2 1997
Gex: Enter the Gecko 1998
The Unholy War 1998
Akuji the Heartless 1999
Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko 1999
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 1999
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 2001
Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain 2001
Mad Dash Racing 2001
Legacy of Kain: Defiance 2003
Whiplash 2003
Project Snowblind 2005
Tomb Raider: Legend 2006
Tomb Raider: Anniversary 2007
Tomb Raider: Underworld 2008

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