Thursday, 18 February 2010

Animator's Skills

What skills does an animator need?

After researching numerous websites and reading interviews, these are the skills that I believe are required in order to be a successful Animator:

• Be creative and artistic.
• Have good drawing skills in order to convey ideas.
• For 3D, IT skills are needed for Maya or other programs that are used. 2D animators also need to use computers to scan in their drawings.
• Pay attention to detail, especially if it is going to be blown up on the big screen.
• Be observant and understand how people move and express emotions.
• Have good communication and negotiation skills to express ideas and back them up.
• Be original and inventive.
• Have good organisational skills- must stick to timeframe given.
• Work well as part of a team and be able to take direction from senior animators, directors and clients.
• Be able to follow a brief yet also take initiative with it.
• Work well under pressure and keep to strict deadlines.
• Animators normally have a degree, and continue learning on the job with all the new software etc that comes out all the time.

My skills/strengths:
Continual improvement makes me more confident to create animations that will impress potential employers, especially with a T shape of skills such as modelling or special effects that I have been learning more of this term.

Is key to creating animations as many people create one scene from concept to life, for example this term we have been creating a Digital Environment as a team. Initally, we had some problems with ideas and a little disruption between the group due to this. However, when we settled on an idea we have become a strong unit and managed to achieve a successful result so far. Our tutor even commented that we were working well as a team and we have a consistent style throughout our work.

I have never missed a deadline until last Christmas, which was due to severe illness. I promptly finished my projects and handed them in the first day of this term. I will work consistently every day if necessary to meet a deadline. Although I do not always set myself a timeline online (which I should due), I always have goals of what I want to achieve in a day or on a weekly basis. Chaos near the end of a project is normal in a computer game or film development environment where deadlines are crucial for example to hit Christmas markets and could result in a fan backlash if it is late.

I am a huge computer game and animated film fan and read the websites and magazines regularly to gain an insight into the Industry, even regarding those that would not interest me on a personal level. I am very passionate about the subject matter, and for example have worked at both Gamestation and the Disney Store to learn even more about the end result of the Industry I long to work in.

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