Friday, 5 February 2010

Chase Imagination

One company I found whilst searching through the internet is Chase Imagination. The company provides different types of animation from 2D manga to 3D and After Effects. I went on a work placement there during December and really enjoyed my time there.

The photo above shows some of the clients that Chase have worked for, yet during my time there we were working on the new Wesley Snipes film called Gallowwalker. I was scanning in some of the drawings and also animated a water droplet.
I had not done 2D animation for a long time and really enjoyed doing so again. The experience has also made me think twice about the type of company I want to work for in the future as I had been thinking about games companies with quite a narrow mind. I am now open to working for film and using different methods rather than just Maya.
Chase Imagination demo reel:

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