Friday, 5 February 2010

The Mill

I have also set up a work placement at The Mill in London. I am very excited to be starting as a runner there and hope to make many new contacts for the future. The Mill is a wolrd reknowned company so I cannot wait to work for a large company. Chase was very small and had a few people working there on a needed basis, so I feel that The Mill will provide me with a completely different side of the industry,

From their website:

'The Mill has two Baselight data grading suites, two Spirit datacines to transfer film to data at standard and hi-definition; a CGI department with up to 20 workstations running a variety of software solutions and a large renderfarm with more than 140 licences; 14 Flame/Inferno visual effects suites running on SGI Onyx and Octane, each with their own Flint or Combustion support.
We also have two Smoke editing systems and a support room containing eight workstations running Photoshop, After Effects and Commotion. The Mill’s basement houses a large Machine Control Room with Digibeta, Beta SP, D1 and Hi-Def machines.'

'In 2007, industry magazine ‘Shots’ named The Mill 'the most-awarded VFX company in the world' and in March this year, The Mill was awarded the BTAA (British Television Advertising Awards) Fellowship award for 'outstanding contribution to the production of commercials'.The Mill has built relationships with the industry’s finest directors including Chris Cunningham, Frank Budgen, Fredrik Bond, Ringan Ledwidge and Michel Gondry. Data Grading suites have been installed in the London and NY offices bringing movie best practise to our clients and making The Mill the only facility ‘data’ grading for commercials.
The Mill remains at the forefront of creativity and technology and continues to push the boundaries of possibility within commercials production.'

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