Thursday, 18 February 2010

Computer Games Designer

When I started this project I was narrow minded and just wanted to be a Computer Games Designer. I am now more open minded but would still be happy with this job role, so here are some of the qualities I have found about it:

Computer Games Designer:
Job Description:
• devise what a game consists of and how it plays
• define all the elements from the setting and story to characters
• works out how to make the best game possible within timescale and budget constraints
• communicate the vision for the game to the development team
• train game testers
• create Concept Document/Initial Design Treatment - sell idea to other team members
• work to create an initial prototype
• create a Full Game Design Document - describe intended playing experience

Skills Needed:
• thorough knowledge of the game's target audience and market
• deep understanding of hardware capabilties
• understanding of game play theory
• storytelling and narrative development skills
• portfolio of work showing written game design proposals or completed projects
• direct experience of another aspect of game development and a working knowledge of others
• ability to communicate vision
• ability to work as part of a team and independently
• ability to accept feedback from others
• imagination and creativity
• reasonable fluency in range of 2D and 3D animation packages (Maya)

Designers need basic programming and 3D design skills.

Computer Animators have the ability to progress from junior to senior and eventually director. New entrants work with experienced colleagues and a degree is necessary.

From my research at, I found that the average salary for women is £33,260 a year, however only 10 percent of the overall game workforce is female, with only 6.9 percent of that being in the development of titles. So 0.069% are women that actually make or animate the games. I could use this to my advantage if women developers are rare, as I am willing to stand up to my male colleagues and they could also emply me on equality grounds.

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